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Blood Type Personality Meaning

Type A
Advantages: obedient, careful, sympathetic, empathetic, self-sacrificing, polite, willing to compromise, honest, loyal

Disadvantages: worries a lot, emotional, weak-willed, indecisive, introverted, anti-social, wishy-washy, nervous

Type B
Advantages: cheerful, outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, active, sensitive, kind

Disadvantages: forgetful, undecided, disorganized, noisy, spontaneous, prone to exaggeration

Type AB
Advantages: sensitive, proud, diplomatic, discriminating, easy-going, sympathetic, efficient, learns quickly

Disadvantages: short-tempered, complains, dependent, moody, brooding

Type O
Advantages: confident, strong-willed, judgmental, dedicated, self-deterministic

Disadvantages: workaholic, insecure, emotional, stubborn, uncompromising, cold personality, over-confident, self-centered